Property Rental in London’s Marylebone

Although the London property market has not been as strong as it once was in the wake of the Brexit decision, you can still ensure a favourable and profitable transaction by choosing the right agent. In some areas outside London, property values have stabilized nicely, and the dire predictions that some put forward just don’t seem to have materialized.

If your focus is on property rental in central London Marylebone area, you need to deal with an experienced agent, and Jeremy James should be your number one choice. Whether you are buying, selling or negotiating a property lease, you can rely on our over 30 years of experience to help you find the perfect property. Our expertise and insider’s knowledge of the area can work for you, whether you are looking for residential or commercial property.


Overall, rents in the Marylebone area have fallen by around 9.9 percent, according to Property Wire. You can make the situation work in your favour, despite the somewhat negative impression that these figures give. It is much easier to attract new tenants to your commercial or your residential properties if you lower your rents, and this especially makes sense if you have properties in the area that have been vacant for some time.

The more desirable areas of central London have a justified reputation for being expensive, meaning that often a potential tenant is reluctant to rent an office or home in key central areas. Tenants are more likely to consider an otherwise pricey neighbourhood, if the rent is an attractive figure, although of course you don’t want to lower your rents too much. You also don’t want your properties standing empty when you can be enjoying the income from a rental, and we can help you to find tenants who previously might have been reluctant to rent in often pricey Marylebone.

Many millennials consider themselves to be lifelong renters, and appealing to this group of the population can help to make sure that you have income from rentals coming in for the foreseeable future. Pointing out the advantages of a Marylebone flat and appealing to his demographic can solve your rental problems.

Since 1981, thousands of customers have turned to us for help in navigating the often confusing central London property market, and finding the perfect Marylebone flat, house or office. Our clients have taken advantage of any slump in the property market, thanks to our experience and expertise. You can enjoy the best value for your property thanks to our techniques that have been proven to work, and thanks to our inside knowledge of this desirable and sought after London area.

Marketing your property as effectively as possible is essential, and with the help of Lonres, Prime Location, Zoopla and Rightmove, we will produce the best possible marketing plan. Potential tenants will be able to browse professionally produced photos and study a detailed floor plan, allowing them to better make a decision and your property also appears in leading web and print publications.

Jeremy James will also work with you to make sure your lease is negotiated properly and your property is offered at the right price, two essentials when it comes to a successful transaction. To successfully let your commercial or residential property, contact Jeremy James today.


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