How Vertical Improvement is Beneficial

The real estate industry specialists are batting for the idea of high-rises in city centers as an alternative to meet the target for providing housing to everyone, as the concept of “Smart City” is developing as the best possible solution for providing “Housing for All” at reasonable prices by 2022. Since the urban centers are not left with land bank any longer, builders have to go for vertical improvement.

Starting new cities are not a cake walk and the same would take another five periods to come up with full-fledged setup and growing vertical appears to be the most possible choice. India is one of the highly sensitive seismic countries with limited assets; therefore here are few possible tasks that were faced while achieving the goal of “Housing for All”. The cause behind considering the high-rise towers is that the civilization will become solid where the resources would be shared by a huge population. To prevent this, supportable energy resources need to be used which can present quality living for all.

Vertical Development

According to the specialists, the installation of solar panel on the roof tops, proper ventilation and lighting in all parts of the buildings, complete of those elements which are not sun facing, should be ensured while rain harvesting will show to be the solution of water problems. Vertical developments tend to use more energy because of the weather control measures on the upper floors, while at other end; it can also point towards saving large amount of conventional resources if they are planned for mixed usage.

A few of the methodsĀ  which can save energy consumption involves designing optimum-sized windows installed by professionals like Art Construction, using evaporation cooling by surrounding the house or building with water bodies or misting, use of shade on south and west front, using rooftop gardens or farms, or insulation to limit heat gain The shortage of land has brought high-rise as the powerful option need to be adopted as with rising population in country we can’t grow horizontally. In order to reduce the use of resources, people are requiring accepting the walk-to-work method and constructing buildings for mixed use

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