An Overview of Property Rental in Central London Marylebone Area

While the vote to leave the European Union (EU) has led to a great deal of uncertainty about the British housing market, landlords should remain calm. Initial bad forecasts do not seem to have completely transpired, as house values away from London look to have become stable in certain markets. While London carries on experiencing reduced values, using a good estate agent will still allow you to close a deal where you make an acceptable profit, rather than one where you suffer a loss.

Jeremy James & Co has the requisite experience to make you get as much value for your capital as possible. Our staff are experts when it comes to property rental in Central London Marylebone area. This applies to commercial and residential properties alike. We’re the Marylebone specialists with over thirty years of experience in selling, purchasing and arranging leases for all kinds of properties. Permit us to use our experience to make you money.

Searching for the Positives

Of course, it is correct that Central London prices remain reduced, so how does that affect your prospects? According to Property Wire, since September 2016 Marylebone rents have gone down by 9.9 percent. Although this figure might be worrying, you can take advantage of it. Are you the owner of any empty properties? If you are, lower rental prices can draw new tenants into your commercial or residential properties.

Occasionally, potential tenants hesitate to lease an office or apartment in a more upmarket central London area. With reduced lettings, you will appeal to more tenants, who will appreciate the location and remain after the market has bounced back. As knowledgeable agents, we understand where to search and how to draw tenants in, who have hesitated to rent a Marylebone property before. Consequently, you can fill your vacant properties and get them generating you an income, rather than having them stay empty.

Changing Your Target Demographic

Another area of the market that can be profitable is millenials. Lots of these people already regard themselves as long term renters. By correctly advertising yourself to this demographic and promoting the benefits of Marylebone flat rentals, you can appeal to a completely different type of tenant, who will pay you rent long into the future.

Why you Should use Jeremy James & Co

We have assisted many clients in the buying, selling and letting of real estate since the early eighties. Through experience, we have learned to weather any market crashes and leverage these to assist our clients. We possess extensive knowledge of the central London area, however in addition, we implement proven methods that enable us to get the highest value for your real estate.

Firstly, we will devise a solid advertising plan for your real estate, which involves enlisting the services of a photographer and completing detailed floor plans to create persuasive marketing literature. Also, we’ll use suitable platforms, like Prime Location, Lonres, Zoopla and Rightmove to advertise your property – in conjunction with appropriate web and print publications.

This is all academic though, unless your real estate is priced correctly and your rents are negotiated sensibly. Jeremy James & Co is your adviser for both. Get in touch with us immediately for further details about how we can assist you with renting your properties.


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